Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nearly-Naked and Fire-Kissed: Part Two

***Being in the middle of this story is making me antsy for my next adventure, and I’m not sure what to do next… suggestions?***

There was someone else ahead of me in line for fire, a meek and adorable African American gentleman wearing nothing but tightie whities. I arranged myself on the other side of the room and watched the couples I’d noticed before—they were deeply involved in some spankings and floggings. Each of the two pretty subs was bent over a kneeler like the priests have at the front of Catholic church. The one who was closest to me had on ripped stockings under her pulled-up skirt. My favorite part is when the doms would lean over and whisper something in their partner’s ear—what’s he saying? I really want to know and I really want for someone to whisper to me that way. Like really soon.

Fireguy came over to get me when he was done and I told him I need him to teach me how to hit on couples. He assured me that he’d be glad to, and I followed him over to the corner where his stuff was set up. He had us kind of stop for a minute, look at each other, hold hands, like, oh, yeah, we’re friends.

Fireguy is popular (I always seem to gravitate towards belle-of-the-ball types) so while I was doing my momentous-to-me undressing, people kept coming over and chatting to him. Getting naked in front of people was definitely one of my goals, and it was a lot easier than I thought. Being around Fireguy makes me feel safe and shameless, a good combination. This particular party has a leave-your-underwear-on rule, but I slipped out of my shoes, then skirt, then stockings, handed him my cardigan and paused for a moment before taking a deep breath and then taking off my bra. Everyone was still chatting, I don’t know if they even noticed. A radiant, loving warmth spread all throughout my body, like from my soul or something. I really can’t overstate the joy of that moment.

I lay on the table on my belly, handed him my glasses (I really like handing him my glasses, I don’t know why. I kind of know why.) and put my head down on my arms, relaxed and content. It was kind of like snoozing on the beach, but with ambient screams of pleasure instead of waves. As he rubbed his warm hands over my back, people kept on coming over to talk to him, talking over me like I wasn’t there. Philosophically I have a problem with this, but I really didn’t care at that moment—it was as close as I’m gonna get to feeling self-contained. I was warm and cheery and as smug as the most gorgeous thing in the world and I just ignored them back. The girl who was next checked a little too often if it was her turn yet, but other than that I didn’t care who was around. Fireguy told me that other parties have more protocol, so people wouldn’t interrupt like that.

Here’s what a fire massage is: He covers his palm with rubbing alcohol and then lights it. Then he passes his other hand over and puts the flame out before it burns him. This gives him the most amazingly warm hands. Sometimes he’d paint the alcohol onto me and light it, testing my pain tolerance by seeing how long he could leave it before I flinched. I learned that I’m a three. He wrote his initial on my back and lit it, and that made me laugh.

When it was time to turn over and have my boobs showing to the world, I joked that people couldn’t see me because I didn’t have my glasses on. He cheerily agreed. “Well, that’s just science!” I wish I could have noticed if anyone was noticing me. I guess they probably did—who wouldn’t watch fire and boobs?

The order of things just kind of drops away a little bit here, the rest is just kind of a blissful haze. He held my hand to his chest, painted my arm with alcohol, and let me watch the blue flame as it climbed up to my wrist. He put a little circle of cotton on each nipple- this made a bright flash as the flame climbed up. Most of this didn’t hurt at all. He looked very sweetly down at me, amused and quizzical and just sort of like I was being a good kid. I loved it. Standing over me behind my head, he asked if he could give me an upside-down kiss, and I said sure.

Next time! What a fire kiss is!

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