Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Negotiation Results: Yay!

The other day I realized I wanted us to be a more welcoming couple to my potential partners, and the resulting negotiation was hard. We got to a good result, it just took a lot.

The poly family we know best, the one that Adorkable and Heartstrings are part of, is wonderful and big. Their lives are very interwoven. It's beautiful and something to aspire to, but it can also be overwhelming. I almost dated two different members of that constellation, and sometimes texting one of them felt like texting ten people. Games of poly telephone (She said that he said that you said...) were sometimes hard to avoid.

Anyway, sometimes when I'm angling for more welcomingness, it turns out Sweetie pictures that, rather than a gradual progression of getting to know one person (or couple or whatever) at a time.

Once we figured that out, we agreed that I should make more of an effort to introduce her to potential whatevers, but that if I find a love match, it might take her a while to warm up to him.

The first step is my favorite part: she suggested that I invite The Mayor of Kittentown over and he said yes! He's coming over for Scrabble next week. I can't wait for him to see our apartment and meet the cats. It's adorable to wonder what two of the shyest people I know will find to say to each other.

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