Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tonight: Unicorn Practice!

Okay, so technically a unicorn is usually a single woman who can be available to both members of a couple, but since Sweetie generally roots for me from afar while catching up on sci fi episodes, I think I count. I recently added this paragraph to my FetLife profile:

"I'm still looking for a boyfriendy dom (or a dom-ish boyfriend) but I am also very interested in exploring ways to be a supporting character, especially in party situations. I like the idea of collaborating and helping out, so don't hesitate to ask me to pitch in, especially if you are a nice (or not-so-nice) couple, triad, etc. I'm new at this but I have a lot of imagination to contribute."

So tonight I'm going to a play party by myself, in hopes of getting into some team-player trouble. Here's hoping I get spanked by a stranger, get to hold somebody's wife down, or at least make some nice new friends.

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