Friday, March 16, 2012

My Awesome Matchmaking Skills

You really should come pal around with me on Facebook and Twitter (can you believe @kittencalendar wasn’t taken?!) for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I might accidentally find you a sweetheart!

Back in January when I was still freshly bruisy about Bill, I made plans with, oh, let’s call him Heartstrings. He’d been in my maybe pile for a little while, and I just had the feeling that I should meet him—his name would just randomly pop into my head.

In situations where immediate mauling isn’t called for, my ideal first date is to sit in a diner and yammer for a long time, then go for a walk and yammer some more. That’s exactly what Heartstrings and I did, and it was great. It was wonderful to have somebody to talk to about my newly kinky side, and he’s just generally an adorable poly mensch.

After giving it some thought, I realized I wasn’t ready to be dating yet and we ‘d be better as friends, but that he might be perfect for an Adorkable friend of mine. She was always complaining that though she goes for skinny-jeans hipster-looking boys, she’s always getting hitting on by bears. (Or whatever the straight guy version of bears is.) I always suggested we should just trade off.

From his newsboy cap to his skinny jeans (He tells her he only has one pair—good thing he wore them on our date!) to his wise-cute-nerdy personality, he seemed perfect for Adorkable, so I introduced them over email. It took them a while to meet, but now that they have, they are twitterpated. Every new detail about their blossoming relationship just makes my heart melt with joy and pride.

So I promise to try to recycle good dates—just tell me what you like!