Monday, March 12, 2012

My Unusually Full Dance Card

This week I’m getting ready to push myself back into dating. This story could use some more characters. So here are the guys, in the order they’re in on the calendar.

  1. V: A few weeks ago, I put a personal ad up on FetLife looking for a dom. Most of the guys who wrote went out of their way to say they think submissives should be treated like human beings, but V seems especially humane somehow. He’s someone I feel like I can be vulnerable towards and he’s got a good imagination for scenes. I’m meeting him at my favorite first date spot this week. His face is one of the cutest ones in my inbox, not that it’s all faces, of course.

  1. The Mayor of Kittentown: (So called because he is really sweet and also because he rescued his two cats.)  MOKT is a friend with benefits; he can’t really ever really be mine because he’s looking for someone monogamous. But he’s so much fun. I wrote to him last week and said that I’d like nothing more than to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and climb all over him. So, hooray, that is the plan.

  1. Mr. 93%: Because our OKC profiles are ridiculously compatible, not just the questions, but the paragraphs, too. Our paragraphs may seem meant for each other, but I have some reservations about him. But he’s so manly and persistent and music-obsessed that I’m giving him a chance. Besides, he was at a flower show the other night and texted all kinds of pictures—that seems kind of romantic.

  1. R: I really don’t know too much about R, except that he is an absolute sweetheart, Also, because I met him at a clothing-optional body workshop, I know he looks good naked. Good qualities to have. 

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