Monday, March 19, 2012

A Little Renegotiating With Sweetie

After my vexing date with Mr. 93% yesterday, I realize that though I am much more transparent and honest than he is, my household is not quite as welcoming as I wish it was. Sweetie is very glad to send me out on dates and other adventures, but she is usually very standoffish when it comes to spending time with the guys. For example, she is a pretty big fan of the Mayor of Kittentown's contribution to my life, but she has never actually met him. I want to be able to give potential partners some kind of eventual place in my family, so I think this needs to change.

We argued about it but eventually agreed that there's probably some middle ground to be had here. We're going to sit down over ice cream tomorrow night and see what we can come up with. I do worry a lot that the tension between her introversion/monogamy and my generally-wanting-to-snuggle-the-world is too much, but we've done a good job of making it work so far.

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