Monday, March 26, 2012

Unicorn Practice FTW: A Good Date Is a Good Date

Week before last, I was feeling antsy and wondering where my next adventure would come from. So I posted an ad on a couple of FetLife lists asking for suggestions, mentors, co-conspirators, etc.

On of the best responses came from Ro-gan (I don’t know what his name means, but that’s what he wants to be called) who offered the help of himself and his fiancĂ©e, whom I’ll call Painter. He had me at “if nothing else, maybe we can get together for game night.” They live a little ways away, so we agreed to meet in a restaurant somewhere in the middle.

It was a pretty, tropical-themed place, the kind of nice restaurant my in-laws might choose. Watching for them my thoughts were the same as waiting for one person: would they think I was too fat? What if they didn’t like me? It was less nerve-wracking than waiting for one person, though, for whatever reason.

The fears didn’t last very long. Painter later told me that when she first saw me, I reminded her of one of her old friends. They really did remind me of so many of the nerdy-cute couples Sweetie and I are friends with. She’s a pretty blond dressed in a soft grey long sweater and a pretty, silvery scarf. He’s wearing a T-shirt with a drawing of C3PO and R2D2. While we waited for our table, she scrolled through her pictures, showing me their new Jack Russell terrier and her daughters, who were off at a Girl Scout dance with their dad. Ro-gan told me about his ironic job-security at the unemployment office. Painter paints faces, mostly at comic conventions and kids’ birthday parties, and is also studying to become a nurse.

We sat down at our table and I got to hear all about the kink camp they love attending. Ro-gan “helps run some of the kidnappings” there. When he told me that, I couldn’t stop laughing with delight, I don’t know why. I guess it’s just that people are SO CREATIVE at getting their needs met, and I like the team spirit of it.

(Just as an aside though: maybe it because I just watched The Hunger Games and have been having Capitol-themed dreams, but how decadent of a society are we if we can afford to hire ourselves kidnappers. Sometimes it hits me just how much of a luxury this project is.)

Anyway, he helps run the kidnappings and she has always wanted to try erotic body painting. I immediately volunteer to be painted. He says “Only if I can watch.” He says this a lot. And I’m like “Of course!” They aren’t polyamorous, more just looking to share people together and as friends.

It’s impossible to overstate the adorableness of these two. I wanted to call them Muppet Girl and Comic boy, but those names wouldn’t work so well if I end up in compromising positions with them. Ever so, no matter what they were saying, they just radiated such muppety fun. She cheerfully explained that his small penis makes him perfect for anal and he nodded along agreeably, (Not on my list, but hey, good for you!) he threatened to tie me up and make me watch all of the Paranormal Activity movies, and still, my overall impression was “Awww...”

My favorite is the look of inspiration she got when we were brainstorming scenes. Her whole face would light up as she’d say “I know! I’m in the bathtub! And you’re washing me but I’m still the top because you’re, like, my lady-in-waiting or something! And then it gets all hot and heavy!” (He: “Only if I get to watch.”) I couldn’t help but get inspired along with her.

There’s something that happens in my heart when those kinds of conversations are happening. Something unlatches and it’s like I feel untethered, similar to the feeling of flying in a dream. Sex-creativity is really the best thing ever.

We talked for hours, until I realized it was getting late and I should get home to sweetie. Driving back, I felt giddy and happy and just a little more myself.

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