Thursday, March 15, 2012

Date Update and Reason a Million Why Sweetie is Awesome

So last night was may date with V. First of all, I think I need to change my favorite date spot—it’s where I met Bill and it’s not fair to keep comparing all the other first dates to that one. I am so vexed to find myself still having mentionitis about him-blurgh!

V’s not a romantic match, kind of seems a little young for me even though he’s older. He looks like who I thought my type was before I actually started dating guys, a cute bespectacled hipsterish guy in a striped hoodie-adorable. I’m considering him as an addition to the playpal roster because he’s an excellent brainstormer. When I told him that I’m shy about approaching people at parties he said “well, that wouldn’t matter if you have a partner who ISN’T shy.” He offered to go and get me some more people to play with—so helpful!

When I told Sweetie about this helpful offer, she surprised me by tearing up a little. She said she felt a little sad that she doesn’t have the urge to do that for me. She knew how happy it would make me and felt jealous that she wouldn’t be the one giving me that happiness. Things like this make me love her so much—that she wants to gave me every happiness even in ways she doesn’t want to. I don’t want her to want to do those things. I like her exactly the way she is and I feel like she’s pushed her boundaries enough. That’s what I told her and it did make her feel better. I love her so much. The gold star above is for her perfect telling-me-she-felt-bad and my good listening. Go us.

Back to V: I’m not sure how much time I want to devote to people who are fun but not romantic, but on the other hand, the only way I know to get to the missing Romantic Guy is to have more adventures. So I guess we’ll see what happens.

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