Monday, March 12, 2012

Photoplay Part Four: Ropes! Fire! Sweetie!

After the nice post-spanking cuddle, it was time for ropes. Q asked if I would mind being topless. I said I wouldn’t mind and he asked if he could undress me. I stuck my hands up so that he could take off my pajama top, and he took off my bra, too. I felt exposed but nice. He showed me a pretty, glossy, thick red rope, kind of like the kind you would see holding back a curtain, but long. He told me to put my hands up and close my eyes. As he wove the rope around me, I realized that my armpits kinda smelled and I apologized.

When I opened my eyes and looked down, I had kind of a nice halter thing. The rope made a pretty square between my boobs, and they we held up in a very pretty way. The haler felt snug around me. At some point he asked, “Can I enjoy you?” and I said yes. It felt different than it would in a romantic context, a little uncomfortable, but it’s the moment I’ve referred back to the most. He asked “You like it light?” then tested my nipple, seeing how hard I liked to be pinched. “About like this?” So nice of him to ask.

“Boy, somebody’s gonna have fun with you,” he said while he was getting me into the next set of ropes—blue-green and more delicate. He arranged them in an intricate design over my whole body. He told me that it’s for decoration, not for restraint, but I just loved the tightness of them, like a hug that was attached to me.

Sweetie was waiting outside the door on the basement stairs. She’d barged in during the ropes, and I’d had the bizarre reaction to try and hide from her. From my own wife. I guess I had the idea that she’d be bothered to see me nakedish with somebody else, but she seemed unphased.

Anyway, she was there to help with the fire, so I went and called her in. I was so excited to show her the secret passage, and she found the right book a lot faster than I had.

The way a fire portrait works is, the camera is on a long exposure and Q moves a pretty flame around you so that it makes a glowy shape in the picture. The fire felt nice and warm and not scary. I was worried about being topless in front of both Q and Sweetie and kept asking if she was okay. As Q posed and adjusted me, Sweetie started chiming in, too. “Sit up straight,” she said, and I could not have been happier, being adjusted by two people, all that attention right on me. I could get used to it.

Q wanted Sweetie and me to pose together for a Valentine portrait—looking couple-y with a fire heart in the foreground. Now, Sweetie has many excellent qualities, but she is definitely not a take-your-shirt-off-in-front-of-a-dude-for-a-fire-portrait kind of woman. I watched him talk her into it and felt a little protective towards her, but she is a grown-ass woman after all. and I was very glad to have her topless with me.

I LOVED posing with her. She has fantastic boobs and I couldn’t resist getting grabby, just once. Our fire portrait looks so romantic, and I hope to see it blown up in a gallery some day. I’m glad he talked her into it. The experience of being in that room with both of them made me realize that maybe I’ve put too many limits on her, and on myself. It opened up an even-more-sociable aspect of myself that I didn’t expect to find.

Once the photo shoot was over, my boobs were tired. I put my bra back on and got into different, more flannel-y pajamas for the ride home. I thanked Q so much for all the fun, and he thanked us, too. I was exactly right that this was the best way to heal and move forward, and I went home with a glow. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out.

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