Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Poly Sunday Tomorrow! Being Beginners.

 Way back in February, I attended the Poly Living conference and went to a snuggle party. I hit some Tantric roadblocks and didn’t get a whole lot of snuggling in, but I did make friends with a nice couple. The hubby was even kind enough to go upstairs and fetch a pillow for me. Last week, he looked me up-- we are a 94% match on OK Cupid and we both like being nakedy in public. That’s a good start.

So when he told me he’s attending his first beginners' rope class, I offered him myself to practice on. He said he might be fumbly, and that suits me just fine.

Sweetie offered to drive over with me, since it’s a ways away, and go do something nerdy while he and I are in rope class.

Plus, the four of us are going to lunch together! It couldn’t be more what I need right now. I feel optimistic just thinking about it. 

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