Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanks and Good Luck, Mayor of Kittentown!

I am having a hard time this week and feeling very discouraged. Unfortunately one of the side-effects of whatever heartbreaky thing I'm going through is anhedonia. So last night when I got to MKT's house, instead of climbing all over him like I usually do, I curled up with him and talked, then fell asleep on him during our Mystery Science Theater episode. (Serves him right, though, for choosing a Mike episode and not a Joel one.)

It felt really nice last night and this morning to just be held by him. I appreciate his kindness and gentleness so much.

I'm wishing him luck because he's got a date tonight. It might not mean the end for us; he actually said he might like to have a primary relationship and me as the secondary one. He didn't use those poly words, but still, there's a little hope.

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