Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Welcome to the Summer of My Ass

It’s funny to have a whole body part that I’m really just getting to know. Toward the beginning of this project, around last spring or so, I started pushing the boundaries of what I did with myself and discovered (among other things) that I have an asshole that would really like some attention.

Aside from encouraging Sweetie to put knots there when she’s harnessing me up, I’ve never really shared that part of my body with anyone but myself. There have been times when I’ve used the above Little Pink Thing during sex with Sweetie, but I was always really shy about it, putting it in myself and not really inviting her to participate, asswise. (Except to smack it, of course.)

Even with partners I felt less shy around (I feel like I can be dirtier with guys for some reason) I’ve always reflexively steered errant fingers and other things away from there, and now I am resolving to steer things toward it.

Last Saturday, Sweetie and I only had a few hours before we had to get up and clean for the in-laws’ impending visit. (That we were thinking of having sex at all shows that I’ve come a long way when it comes to compartmentalizing and getting on with things—it used to be that a family visit would shut me down for WEEKS) I put on a little nightgown and some lacy undies and Sweetie stripped down to nothing. I got the Little Pink Thing ready with a condom (Just to be safe since I don’t know what kind of plastic it is), got on all fours and put it in. I’m not usually one for buzzy things, but this one feels like a massage from the inside and a sense of calm descended over me. I put my arms around Sweetie and kissed the heck out of her.

The earth-shattering thing happened midsex when I asked her to push on the Pink Thing for me.

“Like this?” She reached around and moved it in and out gently.

“Ohmygodyes. Yesyesyes. Ohmygoodness.”

I could NOT get over it. Just the way that little bit of pressure from her fingertips on the toy turned a mild little ass-massage into fireworks and turned me into a very happy animal. I felt so inspired and grateful and close to her. I feel silly for waiting so long to invite her to be part of my ass-love, but I just thought she was too…pristine or something. Dumb. Should stop putting artificial limits where there are none.

So with that auspicious beginning, I decided I’d like to spend this summer having many things done to my asshole by others. Three out of four partners seem willing to lend a hand. Wish me luck! Hooray!

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