Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful for All The Things, and Goodbye Sweetie

It’s such a bittersweet night. Sweetie just gave the first rent check to her new housemate and will move over there this weekend. As soon as she gets back from ordering her new bed, we are going to drown our sorrows in Thanksgiving cookies and Top Chef. By the end of the weekend, I won’t live with my best friend anymore.

But beneath the tears of relief and sadness, my heart is doing its overflowing thing. There’s so much to be grateful for.

1. My soul and my friends. Yesterday, Pretty Slave picked me up right after work so I could hitch a ride to their favorite munch. While PS was getting all dolled up, cute Master and I watched the Beatles Anthology, on the early years part. We intermittently and absentmindedly sang along in harmony, and the griefs of the week slipped away—I felt like I was awesome at life again.

When the camera focused on the screaming Beatles fans, I said, “That’s what my soul looks like!”

“So you’ve gotta, like, tamp that down all the time?”

“Except on Saturdays…”

What I’m getting at is, I am so grateful for all the connections I’ve made this year, and for all of the little ways that my friends help my screeching, hysterical, ecstatic soul find expression.

2. My readers and stars. There are people whose faces I’ve never seen but who provide me with love and comfort every day, friends from across the country who’ve accepted every tricky emotion, and of course the pals, past and present, who are trusting enough to let me write about them and brave enough to read it. I am so, so lucky to have you in my life, and I love you so much, in the purest and most unencumbered way.

3. I am grateful that I have spent the last twelve years loving and being loved. Thank you Sweetie, and I hope we’re still on for Catching Fire.

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