Sunday, October 6, 2013

Slept (Not That Much) in the Middle, Part Two: Dinner, a Movie, and Car-Singing

We sat around the living room chatting until it was time to go. I almost snoozed because I was so relaxed. Outside their big picture window, the trees were full of changing leaves. We were listening to a George Harrison tribute album and Cute Master was grumbling about how Ringo hadn’t chosen to do George songs. (All the Beatles references might make you think they’re Baby Boomers, but they’re about the same age as me.) I sat at Pretty Slave’s feet while she explained us some science and then we talked about physics and god and how they probably have nothing to do with each other. Seriously, how hot is this woman?

We were going to a movie theater where they serve you dinner right at your seat! Cute Master drove and Pretty Slave let me have the passenger seat because I’m the tallest. We sang along with the radio intermittently and I tried to convince him I’d recently ended my sex embargo:

“In fact, I wrote “Have Sex (With Someone Else) Four Times” on my October checklist! You could be one of the times!”

Which is how we ended up listening to Morris Day and the Time singing “Jungle Love” and declaring it our song. While I was dancing it out Jay and Silent Bob style in the passenger’s seat, I realized that I like him. Cute Master, not Morris Day. I remembered how much of a priority music used to be and I loved being the girl who got all his references. As we made the logical progression from Morris Day to Purple Rain and harmonized on “When Doves Cry,” I stopped considering him and started liking him. It’s the cozy feeling I can only get from liking songs with someone.

We had 6-8 songs by the end of the evening, and the next night I’d realize that “Call Me Maybe” is my song with Pretty Slave. I like them because they let me be completely and totally cheesy, the way I am born to be.

I couldn’t get over how happy I was to be getting taken on an actual date!

“You deserve it!” said PS, “You should demand dates from everyone!”

Maybe not everyone, but she does have a point. I just felt so special that they gave me their Friday night just because they like me, not for any expectations. And he was just such a man picking up that check. *swoon* There’s so much to be said for feeling valued and taken care of. I don’t think I could demand it, but I think that I’ll look for ways to let it happen to me a little more often.

We saw Don Jon, which was the perfect thing to see because it’s all about letting go of the fantasies and expectations about what sex and relationships should be like and seeing (and fucking) the person in front of you for what he or she really is. Plus, (spoiler alert!) I like that the tearful redhead of a certain age gets the guy in the end. (PS insists that I’m not “of a certain age” yet—probably not.)

On the way back to their house, he put on the alternative station and the songs got even better. I reached back and held PS’s hand, dreamy and happy and ready to jump right into their snuggly bed.

What happened instead was that I stripped down to panties and bra, PS changed into a pretty red satin nightgown, and CM packed us a nice bowl. Control-freak me had just one hit of it, but that was plenty, it was really good stuff. We sat on the couch with PS in the middle and watched Yellow Submarine, trying to figure out what the heck is going on in that movie and singing our hearts out to the songs. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, how lucky I was to be snuggled up singing with my cute pals.

But I’d woken up at 5:30 AM that day and did NOT want to fall asleep without jumping on them, so as much as I was enjoying the singing and the psychedelic ridiculousness of the movie, I got up the courage to say:

“Um, why are we not in a bed?”

Next: I thank them profusely and a “curious about” becomes and “into.”

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