Monday, October 7, 2013

Slept (Not That Much) in the Middle, Part Four: Sneaky Personal Time, More Him, and S'mores for Breakfast

They fell asleep soon after that, Cute Master on my left and Pretty Slave on my right, but I was awake and my whole body was humming. I honestly could have fucked them for ten more hours, I was so turned on. I lay there basking in them but also boiling hot—PS had warned me that it’s pretty uncomfortable in the middle, but the togetherness was definitely worth the sweat. I was happy and fulfilled, all cozy in bed with two friends and their cat, but I was so horny that there was no way I was ever gonna get to sleep unless I did something about it.

I experimented a little to see what I could reach without disturbing either of them. I could reach my left nipple so I started playing with it lightly. I was kinda hoping I’d get caught, but they were both snoring very softly. His hand tumbled onto my arm and I thought I’d woken him up. I was still for a moment, but then went back to what I was doing, the warmth of his sleepy hand making it hotter.

Is this creepy, playing with myself next to them while they were asleep? I told PS about it later and she didn’t think so, but I did wonder about the ethics of it. Not enough to stop, but still.

The snuggles and the pot had made my already sensitive parts hyper-aware of every touch, I felt like I could play with myself for hours. I slid my fingers between my legs without jostling Cute Master, played with my clit and wondered if I could come without shaking them awake. After a good, long, silent time, I did, and settled into a sleepy haze. I put my arm around Pretty Slave and their usually standoffish cat came and slept there, right on my forearm. There was that feeling of having won something, of having won everything.

Not too much later, Cute Master started to stir. He ran his hand over my ass and I sighed and moved closer, let him know I was awake and ready. Pulling me closer, his hand felt so cool and sweet, so playful. I turned over and gave him a hug (still with my weird no-kissing) then backed away a little. He petted my breasts and then curled down to put one in his mouth. He sucked with just the right amount of pressure, firm but kind.

I knew what I wanted but it took me a few minutes to go for it, stroking his back and neck instead, tentative and shy, unsure if I should be doing this with Pretty Slave asleep, worried I was being disloyal and hoping he’d tell me if I was breaking a rule.

I got up the courage to move my hand down his stomach and to his dick, which I’d never had in my hand up to that point. I love that friendly feeling of a penis just starting to respond and then getting all nice and big. I really, really, REALLY liked his cock in my hand, but I could think of a better place for it. I pushed him onto his back and knelt over him, put him all the way into my mouth. No offense to my rough sex pals, but it was so nice to really have the space to get friendly with it, to decide to myself when I licked and played and when it was shoved all the way down my throat. Except for the few times when he grabbed my hair and shoved it in my mouth hard, that was awesome too. I would have kept going forever except that I felt another hand on there and I figured it was time to tag out.

And then some awkward happened, some sleepy confusion about who goes where that made the newly awake PS feel off balance and turned her off. She tried to power through but a switch had been flipped and we all just kind of knew it was time to stop. Figuring the two of them could use a moment, I slunk off to the guest bedroom where it was lonely but also blessedly cool. I worried a little that I’d messed up somehow (You know I like to do a good job!) but I was too high on pheromones to be too upset. I hugged tight to the teddy bear that I’d found on the pillow and finally fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I wanted to crawl back in with them but they were already up. She was clipping coupons and they were watching Bill Maher. They seemed happy to see me so I said “So we’re not in a fight?” and we all laughed away the awkward part, had coffee, and talked about the Affordable Care Act and the government shutdown. Somewhere in there, CM and I worked out the kissing thing. I told them I wanted to play a bunch more and they seemed pleased that I’d already asked them out again.

He kissed us both goodbye and went off to work. There was a s’mores kit left over from their labor day party and that’s what she made me for breakfast, warming up two marshmallows in the convection oven.

She drove me home and we talked and talked some more. I told her my worries about the surprise roadblocks I run into playing with other coupled folks. She promised that we would tell each other things and that it was their job to worry about their boundaries, not mine. I told her that whenever I like someone, I worry that I’m not giving them enough space, but that didn’t seem like an issue since she was already trying to convince me to join them at that night’s party. As we neared my block, Modest Mouse came on the radio singing “Float On,” and I knew that everything was indeed gonna be alright.

I like them, everybody. I got home happy in a whole new way, bubbling over with pride and paragraphs. This, my friends, is a very good thing.

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