Monday, October 14, 2013

Screening News: Don't Worry and Keep Kissing

Gold star to me for being such an excellent sex-friend that I spent part of my vacation day getting my hoo-ha up to date. Some tests you have to wait for of course but my good news is that HPV hasn't come back still (it's been almost two years) so it's probably time to stop fussing about that.

I also had a concern that I'd been exposed to HSV 1 (that's the mouth kind) indirectly. (Describing how felt superbraggy!) The nurse practitioner told me not to worry about it, to go ahead and kiss all I want unless I see symptoms. I kind of knew that was the case, but I needed a medical professional to say it to me before proceeding.

Going to celebrate by kicking Sweetie out for the afternoon and having a bunch of personal time--it's been a little while since I really went to town on myself.

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