Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Goals and Checklists Make Me Hot

A few weeks ago a favorite reader was mentioning that she’d like some new goals and it inspired me to come out about my very bossypants goal-setting routine. A few years ago on Poly Weekly,  Minx recommended a book called Your Best Year Yet and I read it every December. It helps me to get to the heart of what’s really important and gives me ways to assess and quantify what I have accomplished and what I still need to focus more on. Yes, this applies to sexytimes type goals, maybe especially.

This year’s overarching theme was connection, and I had ten goals at the beginning of the year to help me to focus that theme. The goals have changed a lot since December and they feel too personal to list, but I will share my ridiculous-but-helpful monthly checklists. Yes, I am so type-A that I had to put “Do Nothing” on a checklist in order to make myself stop moving sometimes.

Go me for getting almost all the September checkmarks. Sometimes it’s all that gets me to the gym.

Let's hope October is just as fruitful! So far, it seems promising. And, as soon as I post this, I get a checkmark! 

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