Monday, September 9, 2013

Kissed, Punched, and a Little Sadistic, Part One: Maybe I Am a Girl Gone Wild

At the M/s meeting last weekend I got an interesting piece of advice. The head Master said “The only way to really learn what you want is to go out and try lots of things. You can’t do that with just one person.” That might explain the trapped feeling I’ve gotten even in recent lovey-dovey relationships I really liked. It’s probably just time to run and play on my own terms for a while.

But as I was getting ready to go out to the dungeon that night my heart was kinda full of the Cutest Boy at the Party. I was fretting about my crush on him because I knew neither one of us was in a place for too many feelings and had to admit I had the beginnings of them. I also knew that if I let the crush win, there wouldn’t be any more cute boys at all, just the missing of parties. So I put on my favorite black and white striped dress and cute underpants and drove over to the beloved Regular Dungeon. I didn’t know if I was gonna play but I knew I wanted to be surrounded by friends and spanky energy.

(By the way, since it was the weekend after my birthday, my brother had originally offered to fly me up to my sister’s to spend time with her family. I agonized over the two choices, but ultimately decided I’d spent too long using her family as a substitute for making my own. This is my way of making my own family, I think.)

When I walked in the door, the first people I spotted were Pretty Slave and Cute Master, sitting all cute in a row with their date plus their friend that I’d liked from the previous weekend’s party, the lady-sub who was so good at spanking me and whom I shall call Winggirl One--I have a feeling there may be some more Winggirls in my near future. I waved frantic-cheerfully to them across the room as I paid and rushed over as soon as I had my door bracelet on.

“He says I have to kiss you,” said Pretty Slave and I know I balked at that last time but apparently this time I had absolutely no problem with it. Maybe I really am a Girl Gone Wild but more likely, I just like her. Jeez she was so pretty with her collar on and her flowy hair and her being shorter than me so I feel all nice and protective.

I asked Winggirl One if she would beat me up after I had a glass of wine and she agreed. Pretty Slave was all, “Oh, I’ll have to see that,” and I was superhappy at the idea of entertaining her.

Old-Timey Guy and Punk Rock Girl weren’t there yet and it was a little strange focusing on other characters. I was starting to feel like I didn’t need protectors as much as I had before and that was a little sad.

Two bottomy-types trying to work out a spanking scene is pretty funny. I of course wanted to be out in the middle of things to show off but she felt self-conscious about it so we stayed in the bench (regular bench) area to the side of the room. I took off my dress and leggings, left on my purple shiny bra and lacy peach-with-purple-polka-dot underpants.

Winggirl One is about as Amazon-like as me but she has eensy little stingy hands. She hit hard and fast and it was so sweet that she didn’t want to make me uncomfortable by pulling my panties up my ass-crack for better cheek-access. I reached back and helpfully yanked them up for her. Unsurprisingly, I love a good wedgie.

I was kneeling on the bench and bent over a railing. My head was pretty close to some dude’s ears and I apologized but he just decided to become an instigator, egging her on and inspiring me to be louder and louder. Of course I’ll take any excuse. I met other strangers’ faces in the crowd and smiled.

After she was done hitting me, we had a nice long hug and Cute Master (being Cute Master) said “Kiss her!”

“Ohno,” said Winggirl One, “I don’t know how to initiate that.”

“Let me show you,” said Pretty Slave. She got up and gave me a kiss that went all through my body. I lost the self-consciousness of it, pulled her towards me by the waist, ran my hands up the back of her hair, and kissed her like I meant it, and I did.

Winggirl One was still hesitant still so I said “Do you need me to initiate it? Do you like your hair pulled?”

Her face got all lit-up and we practically high-fived for the awesomeness that is hair-pulling. She grabbed the top of the back of my hair, close enough to the scalp but still stingy, pushed me to my knees and put my face on the bench. I just lay there flattened and gasping.

“Wait, what was I doing?” I pulled myself back up, took off her glasses and handed them to Pretty Slave, grabbed the back of WO’s hair and went in hard for the kiss. I hadn’t tasted lipgloss on another girl since high school, and I have to say Katy Perry was not wrong about its appeal.

Then we really DID high-five and Cute Master admonished us for wrecking the hotness. But high-fives are awesome!

Next: There’s a LOT of girl-smell on this bench.

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