Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthday Wishlist for the Coming Year

I did pretty well with last year’s wishes, but this year I’m asking for a lot more. Greedy!

1. I wish to love and be loved in return. A lot and a lot. I want music and romance and hearts and flowers and giddy ridiculousness.

2. I wish for my own pretty apartment and lots of company. I wish for someone good (besides myself) with whom to christen my single-girl bed.

3. I wish for lots and lots and LOTS of PIV sex, until I take it for granted, until it’s not an exotic treat that I have to feel supergrateful for. I’m sure I’ll still be supergrateful, though.

4. I wish for so many more wonderful things to happen to my ass, both inside and out. The Summer of My Ass didn’t go as far as I wanted it to and there’s so much more I want in there.

5. I wish to experience subspace in lots of good, healing, and transcendent ways, to form deep bonds of trust with myself and others.

6. I wish for more festival days full of spiritual awakenings, group shenanigans, fantastic makeout sessions, and yes, more hair-pulling contests, why not?

7. I don’t want to be left out of any more parties because of bitterness, fear, or heartbreak. I want to get closer to more people and be included in more things.

8. I want to see what other miracles my body is capable of.

9. I would absolutely LOVE to find a good rope top who is also handy with a flogger and strap and wants to make out with me a real lot. (Making out is really in all the wishes, I think.)

10. I wish to be collared, not all the time, but some of the time, and for him to tell me that I am his good, sweet girl.

11. I wish for LOTS of rough sex, but here’s the thing—the rough sex guys are the ones I really fall for, so I’m gonna need for them to fall in love back. And then express it by fucking me hard until I cry. (Ps. Universe, please feel free to send another tear-fetish because that is just the coolest thing ever.)

12. I wish for smoothing-over and healing of the hurts of the last year, the last 39, really.

13. I wish to keep shedding the fears that sometimes keep me from being the open, adventurous person and partner that I really want to be.

14. I wish for lots of real dates. That means:
a. He asks and plans.
b. We go somewhere.
c. We do something.
d. He almost always pays.

I’m a princess, y’all, and it’s time to honor it.

15. I want to explore more multiperson scenes/sex. I was born for a penis in each hand, and they are certainly welcome in all the other places, probably at once.

16. I want to keep making more room for intimacy, vulnerability, and fallibility.

17. I wish for the Dream Guy, of course, who is also the Beach Guy.

18. I wish for more beautifully hurty public scenes and as much being naked in public as possible.

19. I want to keep building the sense of community and connection that I’ve been working towards (and sometimes failing spectacularly at) this year. I want to hear people’s stories, be part of their lives, and celebrate our awesome human-ness together.

20. Plus some secret wishes—I promise to tell you if they come true.

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