Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Because Sometimes My Life is Like a Romantic Comedy...

So yesterday a pal of who I met over the summer (at this party) (I complimented his naked bum and he told me I'm pre-approved to spank it.) added me on the facebook and after we'd chatted for a little bit about our respective switchy shenanigans, he revealed the real reason for writing. I kind of have to paste it in verbatim, but still it's really hard to believe:

Boy I'm Pre-Approved to Spank:  "Your name came up in conversation with a coworker of mine."

"My coworker was telling me about someone in the scene whom he really cared for, but fucked things up with (his words) because he wasn't ready.
I jokingly said I probably knew her and asked her name, and when he said (my name) I was pleasantly surprised to discover I knew just whom he meant.
so, if you have any interest, (Mister Hazel Eyes) is nervously hoping to get back in touch with you."
Me: "!!! He was a favorite! Really?!"
Boy I'm Pre-Approved to Spank: "She is an awesome person and I need to get ahold of her"
"I fucked things up with a little. I wasn't ready. now I am"
"i miss her. i need to apologize"
"She is a sweet darling girl"
Me: "Tell him to ask me out! I fucked up too and I always wondered what became of him! I can't believe it! (My phone number)
Isn't that what everyone in the world hopes their exes are saying about them?!
So now I'm going out with Mister Hazel Eyes Friday night. It'll be fantastic to have closure about whatever made him disappear around this time last year.
He started to text a little dirty in the process of making the plans, but I was all, "You haven't earned the right to talk about underpants yet. Just because I'm a slut doesn't mean I'm not a PRINCESS."
Talking to him makes me want to give myself a gold star for how far I've come since last year--imagine! Me with self-esteem!

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