Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Single-Girl Dungeon Night Part Two: Some Backtracking, Some Good Bad Influences, and Some Plastic Wrap

Though he doesn’t do much in this story besides be pleasantly in the room, I think now’s a good time to backtrack to when I reconciled with Fireguy. The first time we spent together was when he took my author photo, so when the book came out last summer I mailed him a copy, along with a looooong love letter. In the letter, I apologized for my part in our fight and let him know the feelings I’d gotten for him. (How many versions of this letter will I write in my lifetime? At least maybe I’ve gotten past the breakup fight aspect?) Even though I had him blocked in nearly every possible way, he still found a way to get through to thank me for the letter and tell me he was proud of me for the book. Of course I got a little thrill from him being proud.

We didn’t run into each other in person for another six months or so. When I saw we were both in the RSVPs for a Regular Dungeon night back in January, I decided it was time to go ahead and unblock him. I emailed him to touch base and ask if he might be able to bring the cupcake taker I’d left at his house the previous April. (Man, that was an awesome cupcake taker. I really miss it.) When we saw each other at that January party, Sweetie said he and I both turned into Muppets upon seeing each other. While I stood around post-scene with Sweetie’s ropes on, Fireguy and I got the chance to apologize to each other in person. We both expressed regret that we couldn’t jump in the sexTARDIS and do things differently.

Anyway, I say all that just to say he was one of the people I was glad to see last Saturday night. Even though our playing-together time is over, I still really like playing where he can see me and watching him set other nice ladies on fire.

I also had the unexpected pleasure of running into V,a one-date guy from last year, and his superpretty (queer!) girlfriend. Even though they aren’t a match for me playwise, I was so happy to add them both to my collection of good bad influences. They egged me on and watched me play the whole night and I loved showing off for them. Maybe I’m just collecting pals to show off to right now, that’s a good project!

While I was mulling over what to do for Naughty Thing #2,  I stood in my favorite spot, a raised area at the back of the room, watched all the wonders going on around me and did a good job of reaching my chatting goal. It was hot in there so I ditched the nightie and stripped down to my bra and undies, white with pink polka dots and hot pink lace, respectively.

Probably I should branch out from just playing with people I already know, but when Old-Timey Guy brandished a giant roll of plastic wrap, I shrugged and said “Why not?” Though I’m usually averse to plastic, the restraint aspect seemed right. Plus, this is a time for trying new things.

“If you do a good jo—ob you’ll get a flog—ging!” He said in his silly singsongy voice as he made me spin around and around to wind the plastic. Eventually I got dizzy and made him do the winding. My arms were behind my back, hands to elbows. His other playpal for the night (Besides Punk Rock Girl, of course) was an adorably affable Asian girl (I’ll call her Other Ribbons, since she loves them as much as I do.) and she very kindly held my glasses for me.

I was bound from my shoulders to my ankles, so that I could only move my feet a teensy bit. I was trapped and sweating, a little scared but going with the fear. An onlooker helpfully suggested that Old-Timey guy move me away from the stairs, lest I should fall. One new guy was for some reason walking around with a spatula, and I let him give me a few whacks. He had to hit me really hard in order for me to feel it through the plastic. The spatula gave me a heart-pang since that was Sweetie’s implement of choice at home.

Next Time: Punk Rock Girl and the device.

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