Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dance Card Update and a Book to Recommend

This is a rare moment where, as if having a lovely knot-savvy wife weren’t enough, I have four guys on my dance card, plus an extra one I feel a little hopeful about. They’re three first dates, a promising FL flirtation, and of course, Mister Hazel Eyes, the only one who has earned nickname status. Other than my dreamy-eyed crush, there’s a beginning rope-top who needs a practice pal, a nice nudist, and an apparently very popular guy I was friendly with on the OKC last year and who got in touch with me when he got a little room on the calendar. (Kinda like waiting-list guy, I like it.) The other one’s from the local poly meetup, and I’m only pretty sure he’s flirting.

Besides just generally feeling optimistic, there’s another source of my expansiveness this week. I love books where someone does a thing for a year to see what happens, and MWFSeeking BFF, by Rachel Bertsche is a good one. She’s feeling lacking in the friendship department and so she decides to go on “52 friend dates in a year” to see if she can find a new BFF and feel more connected to people. Even though she’s looking for a platonic connection, there’s a lot that a new dater can learn from her story. Reading about the author’s willingness to chat to anyone she felt a connection with, reach out in new ways, and realize that lots of other people are looking for connection too made me a little more courageous and open-minded about how to go forward. Plus, thinking of guys as potential friends kinda takes the edge off some of my anxieties. Even though it’s not meant that way, I would call this a great poly read. 

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