Friday, July 13, 2012

Song of the Week/What's On the Kitten Calendar

This weekend, Sweetie and I are taking our first trip to a clothing-optional beach. I have a lot of anxiety about it, both about sunburn and about nakedness. There are a whole lot of different sex-positive meetups going on there this weekend, so it'll be pretty crowded. Sweetie is usually the shy one, but I wonder if I'll be the one to want to bolt for a more clothed location. I am curious to feel the ocean on my naked body, though--hopefully I'll have good things to report.

And the weekend after, we're going to our first ball, which also makes me nervous. It's a space-themed play party and I'm interested to see what outfits everyone comes up with. Plus, I think it's a good excuse to wear a tiara, like I need an excuse... We can't quite figure out what Sweetie should wear, she's not a very costumey person--suggestions?

Here's the corset she's learning for me for the occasion. Wish us luck!

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