Thursday, May 24, 2012

Intermediate Rope Class With Sweetie

Since I got the tricky discussion group part of Saturday night out of the way, I can write about the fun parts. We weren’t sure which rope class section to go to, but Party Mistress had seen pictures of Sweetie’s rope work and thought we were ready to move up to the intermediate class. Spousal high-five!

The class was run by an adorable middle aged D/S couple. (If kink has taught me anything, it’s how to be awesome at being middle aged. I need to know!) I’m especially grateful to the slave/wife, because she offered to swap her Hello Kitty nipple tape for the purple plaid that I’d brought.

I stayed clothed, though, for the first part of the class. When the teacher asked me if I could put my arms behind my back, hands to elbows, I was so glad to. the teacher was impressed by how easily I did it—I love finding out that things I didn’t know were skills are skills!

I’d only been in a restraint harness once before, and that’s with Fireguy. When we learned how to find the radial nerve to avoid causing hand damage, I said “Oh! That’s why my thumb was twitching that time!” It’s scary to realize how much can go wrong with just a little carelessness—I know that’s so much pressure on tops, too.

The teacher said that Sweetie learns faster than most people do—his wife thanked her for learning so quickly so that she didn’t have to stand there demo-ing forever. Once or twice, the teacher put his arm around me to show Sweetie how to situate the rope. I smelled him and I was like ooooh, yeah, men. Thank goodness I didn’t say that out loud! Even though it was just being done in a demo mode, it felt good to have them both working on me at once. That isn’t something Sweetie would do in a scene, but I hope she will someday. I have a lot of dreams.

Despite the fact that the teacher kept reminding sweetie to pull tighter, we ran out of rope before she finished the entire harness, but she got enough done for me to feel the effect-tension, restraint, beautiful knots and a princess feeling. I wanted to strip down and let her practice more. I went into the bathroom to put tape in my nipples, the first time I’d tried such a thing. It felt much better going on than it did coming off, that’s for sure. I loved the way it looked, the way went with my blushy cheeks and flushed chest. I think I’m obsessed with pink because it’s the color of vitality in me, assurance that my blood’s flowing. Also, cute.

When I got back out on the floor I pulled down my dress and took off my bra, sort of bearing my breasts for all to see. Everyone was very busy with their own rope lessons, so I felt normal and not as noticed as I like to be. As Sweetie wound the ropes around me again, the teacher encouraged her to touch more. She was still a little stiff and self-conscious, but she did take her time to run her hands under and over my boobs, shoulders, hair. At times like this, I feel like we are a miracle of a nine-year marriage. After class, we took ourselves next door to Rita’s for some ice cream.

Next: another pretty pink scene.

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